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Clarify need for 'prefix' for FastCGI
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 \item \texttt{-prefix PREFIX}: Equivalent to the \texttt{prefix} directive from \texttt{.urp} files
-\item \texttt{-protocol [http|cgi|fastcgi]}: Set the protocol that the generated application speaks.
+\item \texttt{-protocol [http|cgi|fastcgi|static]}: Set the protocol that the generated application speaks.
   \item \texttt{http}: This is the default.  It is for building standalone web servers that can be accessed by web browsers directly.
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     The idle timeout is only important for applications that use message-passing.  Client connections may go long periods without receiving messages, and Apache tries to be helpful and garbage collect them in such cases.  To prevent that behavior, we specify how long a connection must be idle to be collected.
+    Also see the discussion of the \cd{prefix} directive for CGI above; similar configuration is likely to be necessary for FastCGI.  An Ur/Web application won't generally run correctly if it doesn't have a unique URI prefix assigned to it and configured with \cd{prefix}.
     Here is some lighttpd configuration for the same application.
 fastcgi.server = (