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Fix bug in and clean up free path code.
author Ziv Scully <>
date Tue, 10 Nov 2015 12:35:00 -0500
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table t : { Id : int, Blob : blob, MimeType : string }
sequence s

fun getImage id : transaction page =
    r <- oneRow1 (SELECT t.Blob, t.MimeType
                  FROM t
                  WHERE t.Id = {[id]});
    returnBlob r.Blob (blessMime r.MimeType)

fun handle (r : {File:file, Param:string}) =
    id <- nextval s;
    dml (INSERT INTO t (Id, Blob, MimeType)
         VALUES ({[id]}, {[fileData r.File]}, {[fileMimeType r.File]}));
    debug ("Text is " ^ r.Param);
    main ()

and main () : transaction page =
    x <- queryX1 (SELECT t.Id FROM t)
                 (fn r => <xml><img src={url (getImage r.Id)}/>
    return <xml><body>
      <textbox{#Param} value="text"/>
      <submit action={handle}/>