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New release
author Adam Chlipala <>
date Sat, 26 Apr 2014 09:42:35 -0400
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- New Basis functions having to do with dates and times, wrapped nicely in new
  Datetime module of standard library
- New .urp directives: 'html5', 'neverInline', 'noMangleSql'
- New command-line arguments: '-explainEmbed', '-stop'
- Changes to C FFI interface, especially for uw_register_transactional()
- 'Basis.getEnv' now always calls UNIX getenv() outside a page handler.
- Changed <active> to avoid generating an empty <span> for empty content.
- New HTML tag: <pre>
- Bug fixes and improvements to type inference, optimizations, and documentation


- Performance optimizations for Ur/Web's standalone HTTP servers
- New command-line options for those servers: '-k' and '-q'
- New HTML pseudo-tag: <script>
- Trying to recv() from a different client's channel now triggers a run-time
- New compiler command-line argument: -print-cinclude
- Bug fixes and improvements to optimizations, error messages, and documentation


- Extend 'where con' to allow descending into submodule structure
- Type inference improvements
- Treat transactional FFI functions as effectful by default,
  so that 'effectful'/'benignEffectful' .urp directives aren't necessary
- Interpret 'table' signature items more flexibly,
  automatically adding (Ur) constraints to support
  a kind of subtyping over (SQL) constraint sets
- New header file scheme to support FFI code in either of C or C++
- New command-line arguments: -ccompiler, -print-ccompiler
- More HTML tags: <dd>, <dl>, <dt>, <em>, and <strong>
- Add 'rel' attribute to <a>
- New type synonym 'xhead'
- Refactored the development Mercurial repository to remove autogenerated files
- More integration with Autotools distribution functionality
- Improvements to documentation and compiler error messages
- Bug fixes and optimization improvements


- Allow any FFI module to declare new HTML tags
- Ignore polymorphism in JavaScript calls to custom FFI functions, allowing a
  kind of simple dynamic typing (unsafe, of course)
- Add some name-mangling rules to allow XML attribute 'name' and attributes with
- New Basis members: pow and tryRpc
- Add 'placeholder' attribute for <password>
- New standard library functions: Option.unsafeGet
- Add ./configure MLTONARGS option for MLTON arguments
- Bug fixes and documentation improvements


- Changes to optimization/compilation strategy that can speed up compilation and
  reduce code size dramatically
- New .urp directives: 'coreInline' and 'monoInline'
- 'show' instance for 'sql_query'
- Improvements to compiler error messages
- Bug fixes and optimization improvements


- Client-side mouse and keyboard event handlers are now functions over records.
- More flexibility in local type class instances
- Remove 'class' declaration; use 'con' instead now.
- SQL window functions
- New HTML pseudo-tag: <active>
- New Basis members: getenv (and associated functions), giveFocus
- New Top member: postFields (to process POST form data when called by some external script)
- HTTP daemons take '-a' option to set IP address to listen on
- More global mouse event hooks
- Bug fixes and performance improvements


- Compatibility fixes for new Automake and GCC versions
- Allow synchronous RPC's in 'onunload' code
- Start of special cases for parsing CSS class names: interpret "table" as identifier 'tabl'
  (since 'table' is an Ur/Web keyword)
- Bug fixes and improvements to type inference and optimization


- New support for CSS style code embedded in Ur/Web programs.
  Two recommended usage methods:
  1. Use 'style' attributes with normal CSS syntax inside string literals.
  2. Generate styles programmatically with the Style module of the Gui library
     (distributed separately).
- 'dynStyle' attribute, which is to 'style' as 'dynClass' is to 'class'
- Parsing of standard syntax for 'class' attributes, via specially interpreted
  string literals
- New optional suffix for 'rewrite' in .urp files: [-]
- Compiler error message improvements, including simplification of types
- New command line parameters: '-boot', '-dumpTypesOnError', '-unifyMore'
- New .urp directives: 'linker'
- Support for speeding up compilation by caching type inference results:
  Run 'urweb daemon start' to spawn a background process,
  'urweb daemon stop' to kill it.
- Enforcement of uniqueness of top-level module names across a project
- Adjust error message format to match Emacs compilation mode defaults
- More HTML attributes added
- New antiquote syntax for 'PRIMARY KEY'
- Bug fixes and improvements to type inference and platform compatibility


- New JavaScript FFI function: setInnerHTML
- Bug fixes
- Documentation improvements


- New Basis members: diffInMilliseconds, toMilliseconds
- <radio> widget now returns 'option string' instead of 'string'
- '-dumpSource' command-line flag
- Bug fixes and optimization improvements


- Improvements to type inference and error messages
- New 'dynClass' pseudo-attribute for most HTML tags
- New 't.*' notation for selecting all columns of a table
- New SQL functions: 'lower' and 'upper'
- 'timeFormat' .urp directive
- Client-side 'debug' and 'naughtyDebug' calls use a browser debug console, if available
- Allow 'source' values to be returned by RPCs
- Change the HTML context classification scheme in 'Basis'
- Rename '' to 'ident' to avoid clash with ''
- More client-side function implementations
- Some expanded reference manual sections
- Tweak to linker command line argument order (to prevent issues with new Ubuntu versions)
- Bug fixes


- Improvements to type inference and error messages
- New Basis members: ceil, float, null, round, trunc
- New SQL expression forms: 'IF..THEN..ELSE', 'COALESCE', and 'LIKE'
- Support for the full set of HTML character entities
- Client-side versions of some time-related functions
- New URWEB_PG_CON environment variable
- Allow arguments for 'con' signature items, not just declarations
- Bug fixes and performance improvements
- Tweaks for idiosyncrasies of OS X (like deprecated OpenSSL)


- Start of official tutorial
- Compiler support for generating nice tutorial HTML from literate source files
- New protocol 'static' for generating static pages
- Replace GCCARGS 'configure' variable with CCARGS
- Better support for compilation with Clang (including on OS X)
- Fancier 'configure' script with versioning
- Applications consult URWEB_STACK_SIZE environment variable to determine thread
  stack size
- HTML tag IDs now drawn from an abstract type
- New Basis functions: diffInSeconds, mkMonad, onClick, onDblclick, onKeydown,
  onKeypress, onKeyup, onMousedown, onMouseup, preventDefault, stopPropagation,
- Add <image> tag
- Add 'target' attribute for <a>
- New compiler command-line option: -dumpTypes
- New syntactic sugar for computed ORDER BY clauses
- Bug fixes and optimization improvements


- Treat local variables the same as module-level variables, for the purpose of
  implicit argument insertion
- New 'noXsrfProtection' directive for .urp files
- Non-debug builds omit source location information in error messages shown to
  the user (but keep that information in log entries)
- Basis.getHeader and Basis.setHeader
- Basis.show_css_class
- Basis.currentUrlHasQueryString
- Make Basis.rand cryptographically secure
- Client-side versions of and Basis.show_time
- Bug fixes
- Improvements to auto-configuration and build process (now builds with LLVM's
- Clarifications in the manual


- Cygwin compatibility
- Compatibility with Gentoo packaging process, including a .ebuild file
- Change typing of SQL subqueries, to indicate that they may always return NULL
  (for no rows)
- Syntactic sugar for GROUP BY with variable numbers of columns
  (using 'tab.{{c}}', where 'c :: {Type}')
- 'ALL' for SQL relational operators
- Add nullable types to the class for valid operands for SQL arithmetic
- 'alt' attribute for <img>
- <sup> and <sub> HTML tags
- Allow 'debug' and 'naughtyDebug' in client-side code, implemented with 'alert'
- Bug fixes and optimization improvements


- Changes to encoding of SQL aggregate functions: nullable types may be
  aggregated, and non-COUNT aggregates return nullable results.
- SQL subqueries may apply aggregate functions to columns bound in enclosing
- Switch from libmhash to OpenSSL.
- 'cdataChar', for injecting arbitrary character codes into XML
- 'crypt', for access to the standard UNIX password encryption routine
- 'readUtc', for parsing time strings in the UTC time zone
- Built-in 'time' type now stores microseconds (which for now are only used in
  connection with Postgres timestamps).
- Client-side URL blessing and redirection
- 'currentUrlHasPost' function
- Transactional 'free' functions now passed an argument indicating whether the
  runtime system expects to retry the transaction.
- Change tasks to allow task kind-specific inputs
- Add 'clientLeaves' and 'periodic' task kinds
- Support for externally-callable pages, via the 'postBody' and 'queryString'
  types and the 'effectfulUrl' function
- 'minHeap' and 'alwaysInline' .urp options
- '-prefix' command-line option
- Comments in .urp files (lines starting with '#')
- Miscellaneous additions to the standard library
- Bug fixes and improvements to type inference and optimization


- Polymorphic variants (see Basis.variant)
- New 'onError' directive for .urp files
- (* *) and <!-- --> comments in XML
- Basis.classes, Basis.confirm, and Basis.tryDml
- New notations ::_ and :::_, for constructor parameters of unknown kind
- Invocations like 'urweb foo' will compile foo.ur as a single-file project,
  even if no foo.urp exists
- '-limit' command-line flag and 'limit' .urp directive
- Bug fixes and optimization improvements


- Changed URL escaping convention, to avoid confusing proxies.
  The new convention is like the normal one, but with '.' instead of '%'.
- Changed JavaScript compilation of recursive functions to use thunks.
  This change avoids most costs of functions not referenced on particular
  pages, reducing loading time dramatically.
- Support HTTP caching of application-specific JavaScript code
- Bug fixes


- New experimental checker for information flow and access control policies
  (See demo at


- Subquery expressions and FROM items
- Low-level support for SELECT with no FROM clause
- Fixes for DBMS-portability of relational operators


- -verbose flag
- COUNT(col) SQL aggregate function
- 'benignEffectful' and 'safeGet' .urp commands
- Remove Basis.getRequestHeader, since it can be used to circumvent cookie
- Rename Top.foldR*X to map*X
- Bug fixes and optimization improvements


- Improvements to 'configure'; should now fail if any uncommon but required
  package is missing
- Other fixes to configuration, build system, and C code portability
- sigfile .urp directive & -sigfile command-line option
- .urp files with no directives no longer need to begin with blank lines.
- Other bug fixes


- Conversion to an Automake-based build system, for greater portability in
  building shared libraries
- -path and -root command-line flags
- Exported page handling functions (i.e., those page-generating functions
  appearing in the main module's signature) may now take any number of
  arguments, including 0.


- Basis.serialized type family, for storing more types in the database
- Basis.textBlob, for building blobs from strings
- Basis.debug function, for server-side debug printing
- Bug fixes & optimization improvements


- Automatic insertion of implicit arguments in more positions
- Reifying expressions as URLs and redirecting to them explicitly
- More syntactic sugar for SQL
- Typing of SQL queries no longer exposes which tables were used in joins but
  had none of their fields projected
- Tasks
- Dynamic linking of the runtime system
- Optimization improvements
- Bug fixes


- Extended cookie interface (breaks backward compatibility for 'setCookie')
- Bug fixes
- Extended UTF-8 characters in HTML


- Improved Internet Explorer compatibility


- Bug fixes
- Optimization improvements
- Removed a restriction that prevented some RPCs and calls to sleep or recv
  from compiling


- Small bug fixes affecting MySQL and SQLite


- Bug fixes
- Improvement to choice of line number to cite in record unification error
- New extra demos: orm1 and versioned1


- Reimplemented client-side code generation to use an interpreter, rather than
  compilation to JavaScript; this avoids common browser flaws: lack of
  optimization of tail calls and occasional bugs in closure handling.
- Bug fixes


- Bug fixes
- Optimization improvements
- Expanded grid demo in demo/more: optional columns, sorting, filtering,
  paging, selecting rows, aggregate row


- Bug fixes
- Optimization improvements
- New set of extra demos in demo/more


- Many bug fixes
- Remote procedure calls must be marked with the new 'rpc' function.
- Some tweaks to enable usage on OSX (suggested by Paul Snively)


- New application protocols: CGI and FastCGI
- New database backends: MySQL and SQLite
- More JavaScript events added to tags in standard library
- New manual section on using the foreign function interface (FFI)


- Many bug fixes
- Mutually-recursive datatypes
- SML-style pattern-matching syntax for "fun", "fn", and local "val"
- Backwards-incompatible change to syntax of formal constructor parameters to
  value-level functions, to support the previous change
- Path map support inspired by SML/NJ CM and MLton ML Basis
- Start of some new standard library modules
- Some improvements to JavaScript runtime, including better error handling


- Reimplement constructor class resolution to be more general and Prolog-like
- SQL table constraints
- URLs
- Client-side error handling callbacks
- Signing cookie values cryptographically to thwart cross site request forgery
- Blobs and HTTP file upload
- SQL outer joins
- SQL views
- Subforms
- C and JavaScript FFI
- Path rewriting


- Asynchronous message-passing and the associated server-side client
- Reimplement parts of the client-side runtime system to avoid space leaks
- spawn and sleep
- Expand the constructor class instance rule format


- Replace type-level "fold" with "map"
- Replace expression-level "fold" with folders, defined in Top and
  supported by some special compiler inference
- Replace guarded constructors with guarded types, introduced only by
  guarded expression abstraction, and with a new explicit application form
- Kind polymorphism
- Generalize type classes to constructor classes
- Initial compilation of client-side code to JavaScript
- Initial support for mixed client- and server-side programming (i.e., "AJAX")
- src/coq: Coq formalization of a core Ur-like calculus


- Optimization: Fusing page writes with calls to recursive functions
- Optimization of bottleneck compiler phases
- Reference manual
- SQL arithmetic operators


- Fix bug that sometimes led to omission of initial "<html>" in pages
- Take advantage of nested functions in some demos
- "profile" option that may appear in .urp files, to enable gprof profiling
- "-guided-demo" option that works like "-demo" but uses less screen space for


- Nested function definitions
- Primitive "time" type
- Nullable SQL columns (via "option")
- Cookies
- Compiler: Specialization of functions to known arguments (especially of
  function type)


- Add GCCARGS configure option


- On missing inputs, print an error message, but don't exit the web server.
- Remove need for "() <-" notation.


- Change 'sed' call to work on OSX.
- Avoid including or linking libpq files on apps that don't use SQL.