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Tree demo working (and other assorted regressions fixed)
author Adam Chlipala <>
date Thu, 06 Nov 2008 19:43:48 -0500
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sequence s
table t : { Id : int, Parent : option int, Nam : string }

open TreeFun.Make(struct
                      val tab = t

fun row r = <xml>
  #{[r.Id]}: {[r.Nam]} <a link={del r.Id}>[Delete]</a>

    Add child: <textbox{#Nam}/> <submit action={add (Some r.Id)}/>

and main () =
    xml <- tree row None;
    return <xml><body>

        Add a top-level node: <textbox{#Nam}/> <submit action={add None}/>

and add parent r =
    id <- nextval s;
    dml (INSERT INTO t (Id, Parent, Nam) VALUES ({[id]}, {[parent]}, {[r.Nam]}));
    main ()

and del id =
    dml (DELETE FROM t WHERE Id = {[id]});
    main ()